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AltNetHouston: FubuMVC session

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At the AltNetHouston Open Spaces conference last weekend, I convened a session on FubuMVC.  Selfishly, I wanted to get Chad Myers and Jeremy Miller to talk more about their alternative MVC stack.

FubuMVC is an MVC framework built on .NET.  It is often looked at as an alternative to Microsoft’s ASP.NET MVC. framework that shipped last month.  FubuMVC is a framework that grew organically out of work that Jeremy and Chad were doing at Dovetail Software.  The Fubu in FubuMVC is short for For Us By Us.

At Kaizenconf, they gave a workshop called Using and Abusing ASPNET MVC for Fun and Profit.  Based on the interest from that workshop, Chad looked to recreate the framework that they were using at Dovetail as an open-source project.  Over the Christmas break, he coded the core of framework (available on Google Code here).

Unfortunately, my laptop died during the AltNetHouston conference and I was unable to keep my MinoHD camera charged.  So, I was only able to record the first half hour of the hour and ten minute session.  There was another video recording.  I will try and track that down and post a link here if and when it is available.

In the meantime, here is the first half hour:

AltNetHouston: FubuMVC from Weston M. Binford III on Vimeo.

Also, here are the Session Notes.